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Every one knows that breasts are a sign of feminine beauty. But due to smaller breast size some female are not having this proud. If you are one who want to increase the size of the breast & want firmer & sexy looking breast again then say hello to IH1 Breast Enlargement Capsule & IH5 Breast Firming Cream.

Our Breast Cream gives you healthy, well-developed, and beautifully shaped breasts. To give you appealing look with more self-confidence to attend any party in any dress.

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Why us

2- Easy Step Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy System

Breast enhancement creams are used to stimulate the growth of new cells within the breast tissue. The same natural breast development that is triggered by puberty is stimulated by the ingredients in the cream. The hormone responsible for the natural growth of breast tissue is estrogen which is at its highest quantities during puberty and pregnancy.

The cream is applied directly to the breast area and is then absorbed into the skin. A woman’s breasts are mostly made up of layers of fat which surround the glands and connective tissue. This fatty layer is responsible for the shape of the breasts. Muscle mass is only found underneath the fatty breast tissue and not within.

IH1 And IH5 breast enlargement Cream

Your natural estrogen production lowers as you age. It’s production is at peak when you begin puberty.  But due to age it start falling which affect the health & look of your breast. Our breast enlargement capsule increases the natural hormone secretion to support & development of breast.

Although patience is a key part of seeing success with a breast enhancement cream, there are some things you can do to help your efforts.

Best Breast Enlargement Formula Ever

No Surgery

We really hate knife even on operation table, and are not comfortable with the idea of surgical breast enlargement.

Leaf For Breast Enlargement
Easy Usage

All you need to do is to take 3 capsules a day & massage once a day with our top ratted breast enlargement cream.

Leaf For Breast Enlargement

There will be real breast enlargement after few weeks which feels great & build self confidence by gives you sexy curves to catch all eyes in a party.


If you have got sagging after baby feeding or post pregnancy, We have got an effective solution for breast firming.

Leaf For Breast Enlargement
100% Natural

Our breast enlargement capsule & breast cream are made of 100% natural herbs to work effectively on breast size.

Leaf For Breast Enlargement
Capsule & Cream

Whatever is the reason behind your small breast our medicine works because we have capsules to increase hormone secretion & cream for tissue development.

High Quality Ingredients

IH1 breast enlargement capsule contains a mixture of natural indian  herbs and antioxidants that nourish, regenerate and increase the production of hormones to support the process of mammary gland growth & breast size.

Ingredients of ih1 capsule and ih5 cream
fenugreek for breast enlargement

Fenugreek has same molecular structure as female hormones, responsible for increasing breast growth and development.

fennel seed oil

Indian use fennel for promoting menstruation, increasing flow of breast milk and increasing sex drive. Fennel may also boost immunity and help treat anemia.

Breast Cream Features

IH1 Capsule IH5 natural Cream
Improvement in breast & cup size
Improvement in breast & cup size 85%
Smoother, firmer and glowing skin
Smoother, firmer and glowing skin 89%
Reduction of stretch marks & wrinkles
Reduction of stretch marks & wrinkles 83%
Safe & without side effect
Safe & without side effect 100%
Permanent Life long result
Permanent Life long result 100%
Works for every women
Works for every women 99%

Why Customer love our Breast Products

This product is very good! I did not believe so and so I did a lot of research on the internet myself. I'm not sure that 20% discount is getting! One of my friends had tried it and she liked it very much .... when she will know that she is getting a discount now she will be mad! That was what it was. Thanks!!
ih5Cream Review
Yasmeen Khan
The skin was becoming loose and along with age, his plight was also going. My low cut blouse now does not fit me properly so I stopped closing. But this awesome cream and capsule a helped me! Its results are great! The wrinkles of my breasts stopped showing and the breasts became tight. And yes, this cream stopped necking too and my neck started to look very flexible and beautiful. It's just done with the help of a normal capsule and cream!
ih5Cream Review
Shanti Devi
I was uncomfortable with the small size of my breasts since teenage. But a friend recommended to try the IH1 capsule and IH5 cream. I did not believe that any type of cream or capsule could make your breasts beautiful. But there is no problem in trying it. All my doubts have spread one by one. Growth in my breast is attractive and looks attractive! Now I am waiting to be breast and big! "
ih5Cream Review
Jaipur Raj.

Causes of small breast size?

Our body run on hormones, each and every function inside body is due to hormone and other chemical compositions. Estrogen are the main hormone behind femininity.  progesterone  and Estrogen are directly associated with the size of a female breast. which are responsible for the size of a woman breast.

Shortage or absent of the estrogen and progesterone causes small breast size. Shortage is due to poor diet.

Apart from poor diet or lack of estrogen other health problems like thyroid, mental stress, depression is also the reason for having small breasts.

How to increase the size of a breast?

The path to get natural breast enlargement is definitely not an easy one. But we are going to show you few easy tips and breast enlargement foods and breast enlargement exercises which you can do with using our breast enlargement cream for faster result.

Increase Breast Size Naturally by Exercising

You should perform some  breast enlargement exercises to get the bigger cup size of your breast. It gives you bigger look and feel by increasing the muscles of your chest.

We recommend you to do pushups, dumbbell flys and chest dips are the easiest breast enlargement exercises you can do at home without going to gym.

Herbs and Foods that Increase Breast Size

As we already mentioned that hormone plays important role in breast enlargement and certain foods increase the estrogen production in body ultimately help in breast enlargement without cream. Such breast enlargement foods list are as below

Fenugreek is a well known spice in Indian culture which is present in every kitchen in India. Fenugreek is said to help in breast enlargement being a phytoestrogenic herb. Fenugreek stimulates the breast-enlarging hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Daily massage with fenugreek paste stimulates the growth of the female breast.
Fennel Seeds accelerate estrogen production and help in breast enlargement. The best way to use fennel seel is in form of tea. Fennel is a famous Indian spice which is used on daily basis after every meal specially when there are some guest. It promote breast growth.

Blessed Thistle works same as of fenugreek, making your body think it’s supposed to produce milk. Which ultimately increases the breast hardness.

Saw Palmetto blocks testosterone, which restrict breast growth in females making sure that estrogen flows freely through your body. It is a good alternative for the women’s seeking alternative of breast surgery in India. Usually all women produce large amounts of estrogen and reduce the current actions of androgens may be sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

We are glad to tell you that in our breast cream and breast capsule all above herbs and spices are present in adequate quantity.

Breast augmentation or Breast Surgery

Being a herbalist we do not recommend you to go for any type of surgery including the breast enlargement surgery. If you have tried all the option to increase the size of your breast and didn’t get any result and breast enlargement is the only option to save your life and marriage then go for it.

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgery in general is also known as augmentation mammoplasty define as a surgery to increase breast size. Which usually involves placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. There are many risk of breast surgery including scar tissue that make your breast look different in size. Breast pain, Infection and changes in sensation and feeling.

Benefits of using Breast Cream

Breast creams offers you many good benefits when applied and choosen correctly. But the benefits totally depends on the capsule or cream that increase your bust size between one and two cup sizes larger, Remember that result varies from women to women based on many factor’s. Breast capsule increases the hormone produyction inside body while massaging with bust cream stores fat in breast giving you bigger and younger look. Some cream increase fat cell expansion within the chest.

Larger Breast Size

This is the first and most desired result from using breast cream. Breast creams are made for it.

Younger looking firmer breast

Using cream or capsule gives you younger looking and well developed breast. Infact size is not important for every male it is a well developed and tight breast which attract them towards female either it is larger or small.

Better dressing

Most female worry from wearing party dress due to smaller size of a breast. Using our cream make them have larger breast size which enable them to wear any type of dress.

Enhanced confidence
in swimwear or Beachwear

I have seen many women who never wear beachwear because of small size breast. After using our cream for six month they have enough size to show in every type of bikini.