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At medsfact we usually deal with sexual medicine specially Penis Enlargement, Premature Ejaculation & Sex Time in men & Breast Enlargement & Vagina Tightening in females.

Our products are well known for its result & we care for quality in every step during the manufacturing process. From selecting raw & fresh herbs from reputed supplier to hygienic food grade packing.

Share sexual problem with us confidentially to get rid of it.

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We do care for privacy,& do not share customer info with anyone else.

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Secure Payment

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Penis Enlargement

The internet is flooded with the penis enlargement ads over the past few years. From pumps, pills, weights, exercises & penis enlargement surgeries every one claim to increase the size of your penis.

But to be very very clear most of the penis enlargement methods do not work as claimed. The only way to increase the size of a penis is an Ayurvedic Medicine like IH3 & IH4 which really works internally to increase the size of a penis permanently. How to find the Real Penis Enlargement Medicine that works?

Our penis enlargement medicine works great because we offer both internal penis enlargement capsule & external massage oil.

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penis enlargement oil & pills

Long Time Sex Medicine

Today sex is all about enjoyment & enjoyment should last for a longer time. Today’s lifestyle, food habit, junk foods & workload are the degrading health which directly affects sex time. We have internal permanent and external instant medicine to increase the sex time. Many people believe that only penis enlargement will do all the things. They forget that sex time also plays an important role in satisfying a woman.

Even small size men can satisfy a girl totally if he has good sex time.

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nightking sex delay liquid is a good alternative to sex spray

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Real Penis Enlargement Medicine

You can call them

They have a valid mobile number

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They share bank account detail to make payment

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They offer different products for every problem

They do not claim result from the first week

They also offer oil or cream for external usage

They give 30 days package too


Fake & Fraud Penis Enlargement Medicine

You can not call fraud comp.

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They do not have a bank payment option

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They offer a single product for every problem.

They claim result from the first week or first day

They insist you purchase full package only.


About Our Company

We are a small but dynamic company involved in manufacturing and marketing of Unani & Ayurvedic formulations in India, Our top performing Penis Enlargement & Sex Time Medicine are famous around the world due to it’s great & side effect free result. We maintain strict quality and purity controls and has improved presentation and packaging.

We have our own brands for the sexual problems, Apart from this we do also provide or sell Patanjali, Hamdard, Himalaya, Baidyanath, Dabur, Dehlvi, and other companies medicine when required or on demand of the customer. We usually believe in Ayurvedic / Unani / Herbal system of medicine but when required we also use Homeopathy to accelerate the resulting process. 

Why millions of people trust us?

Because We Always Care About Your Sexual Health!

We believe that sex is a number one stress buster and better than any other medication and exercises. It also increases productivity and work quality. While sexual weakness leads to major social and marital issues, daily fight and divorce are one of them.

By providing result oriented medicine for each and every sexual problem with keeping the customer private information secret we treated thousands of thousands of patients from around the world. We have many customers who were about to suicide who were about to diverse or who were about to cheat their partner who was afraid of being married now living a happy and successful married life.


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Our Customer's Reviews

Medsfact coustmer review

Mayank Kumar Delhi

I was very worried because of my poorly performing sex, but since I used to use IH2 capsules and IH4 oil, by which I lost my lost confidence and now I am satisfied with my partner.

Medsfact Coustmer Review

S. Rajput Jaipur

This product really saved my marriage life. I am giving this feedback to people with similar situations. I really recommend it. IH3 capsules and IH4 oil have really saved me from a lot of trouble, and it's a big favor to me. Thank you

result of a penis enlargement from real user

Sk. Abbas Agra

I was suffering from erections problem. But when I used the IH2 capsules and IH4 is the best medicine for success in straightening oil and penis enhancement. After using it I got the best results. Thank you

Medsfact Coustmer Review

Pushpak Jat Haryana

The impotence and the sudden flick is now a thing of the past. I bought this product just to increase my penis, but it diagnosed all my sexual problems.

Medsfact coustmer review

Gobind Singh Punjab

The problem of my early loss ended in a few experiments. I tried several products before Nightking but nothing happened to anyone. With the initial impact of Nightking Stone, all changed. Now I decide when to fall. I honestly say that this product has saved my married life.

customer who used sex medicine

Amrinder Sing Mysore

Everyone is talking about how they are enjoying more pleasure to their partner, but since I started using Nightking Stone, I am getting more pleasure from sexual intercourse. Now the fun has doubled.

Medsfact Coustmer Review

Srivastava Bangalore

I am 34 but this is the first time that I am serious about the relationship with any girl. She now lives with me. Everything is fantastic. But all this is due to this medicine that gives me confidence. Frankly, I was nervous in bed before.

Medsfact Coustmer Review

D'Souza Goa

After 10 years of marriage, the atmosphere becomes very monotonous. Thank God, somebody has discovered this miraculous product, so my marriage has become again young. Now we celebrate honeymoon every day. Thanks


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More than 80% of sex medicine that is being sold in Indian are fake & fraud, or simply do not work*.

More than 50% of companies selling sex medicine online are cheating with the customer in term of result, promise & money.

To make it easy for the people to find the one which really works. We founded Arya Herbals in 2003 & till then we are a small but most trusted & honest supplier of sex medicine including penis enlargement & sex time. Our sex time medicine has gained a lot of popularity around the world while IH3 & IH4 are a name made thousands of life happy.

Our Expertise

It has been more than 15 years we are selling medicine online. In the last 15 years, thousands of people suffering from health issues came to us for treatment majority were having sex or penis related issues, Because it is very annoying in Indian culture especially in small cities & town to discuss the sex-related problem with anyone even with a doctor. Then it became easier for people to discuss the sexual issues with doctors over the phone & to purchase the sex medicine online confidentially. This is the main reason most of our customer comes to us to purchase sex medicine or penis enlargement medicine. we have gained a lot of experience in treating people suffering from Penis Enlargement, Small Penis Size, Low Sex Time, Erectile Dysfunction, Low sperm count, Small size Breast & loose vagina. We have thousands of satisfied customer who got the result from our medicine in Penis Enlargement, Sex Time Breast Size, Sperm Count & Erectile Dysfunction. Some time packed & patent medicine is not enough for patients if his problem is very old & critical, Such cases require a special type of medicine made based on problem & situation of the person suffering. We manufacture an advanced special package for the patients who wish to solve their problem totally and permanently in a less period of time.

Penis Enlargement

A penis is a major and most important male sexual part. Without a healthy penis, one cannot satisfy any women. Some men do not have a bigger size penis due to many reasons from genetic problem to masturbation & over sex. We do provide penis enlargement massage oil & penis enlargement capsule to increase the size of a penis permanently.

Sex Time

The most important factor which plays a key role in women’s sexual satisfaction is a men’s sex time. Even a small penis male can satisfy women on the bed if he has a good sex time. Our sex time delay liquid is a unique & ancient formulation to increase the sex time instantly on the bed without any effect.

Premature Ejaculation

Today’s lifestyle especially workload & food habit decreases the sexual power of men due to which one can not last longer in bed during sexual intercourse. Our premature ejaculation medicine cures all sign and reasons of premature ejaculation & slowly removes them from the body to make it able to last for a longer time on the bed during sex.

Breast Enlargement

Breast is the very first body part on which one looks while he sees women. Apart from this breast are the sign of femininity and without a good size breast female are always in lack of confidence & feeling shy. We do sell breast enlargement cream & breast enlargement pills that expands and increases the mammary glands which increase the size of a breast naturally. After the age of 40 women breast start sagging, regular massage of our breast cream prevent breast sagging and make your breast look firmer & in shape always.

Vagina Tightening

After childbirth or due to many other factor women’s vagina becomes loose and wide resulting in pleasure less sexual intercourse. We have many customers who do not have sex with the wife just because of loose vagina. Our Vagina Tightening cream is a herbal combination of ancient & proven ingredients that makes women vagina tight and very tight to feel like the virgin again.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction the inability to penetrate the woman’s vagina is a condition which usually occurs in old age due to less production of testosterone hormone. Our erectile dysfunction medicine naturally increases the release and production of testosterone and helps in getting rock hard erection on demand.


Leukorrhea, Likoria or Leucorrhoea is a whitish or sometimes yellowish odorless liquid discharge from women’s vagina. Abnormal leukorrhea may be caused by infections with bacteria, yeast, or other microorganisms. Due to likoria women get weak day by day felling dizziness & lack of interest in any work. We have a very effective medicine for likoria.

Weight Gain

Gaining some weight and looking attractive is a dream of every girl and boy in college-age if he or she is skinny. In fact, putting on some weight is very good for health and our medicine works great in weight gain naturally by increasing appetite and digestion.

Weight Loss

Weight is a very good thing no doubt as far as you can easily handle it. When it crosses the border one cannot even do the daily routine work comfortably. It becomes worst when there is fat inside the body which may lead to thousands of health issues. Losing weight is not a joke and it takes a lot of physical exercise along with medicine. Our medicine helps you in losing weight if you take it with hard exercise or yoga.

How to Increase Sperm Count?

Weight is a very good thing no doubt as far as you can easily handle it. When it crosses the border one cannot even do the daily routine work comfortably. It becomes worst when there is fat inside the body which may lead to thousands of health issues. Losing weight is not a joke and it takes a lot of physical exercise along with medicine. Our medicine helps you in losing weight if you take it with hard exercise or yoga.

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