Healthy Foods And Drinks For Summer

Healthy Foods And Drinks For Summer

Summer is the season between spring and autumn when the weather is usually warm or hot and hot climate is usually not comfortable to many peoples. It is experts opinion is that if the correct diet and liquid are used in this season then heat intensity can be fought to be healthy. Let’s look at few foods and drink for the summer season

Nutritious Diet

best foods for summerTo maintain energy in the days of heat intensity take a little bit of food at a reasonable time in which nutrition is in more quantity like Potatoes, Soya, Rice, Fish, Yogurt, and Milk are nutrient-rich foods.


Banana is a rich source of energy, banana has more Vitamin A, Phosphorous and Carbohydrate. Banana is also an excellent source of Potassium, due to more sweating potassium exhausts more from the body due to which blood pressure can increase and heartbeat also becomes irregular. In such condition you should eat the banana, eating a banana gives 400mg of potassium to the body, this is 10% of the quantity that is usually recommended for a person for a single day. Other food items which contain potassium provides a low quantity of this salt are Green Vegetable, Potatoes, Dry Fruits and Beans.


Watercress can fulfill a lack of iron and calcium in the hot day, both of these minerals are also removed from the body like potassium due to excessive fluid removal of sweat. People often suffer less blood during intense heat, apart from Water-cress, Saffron Fish, Savoy, and Green Vegetable, which is very much eaten in Europe are also containing iron and calcium.


Almond is a rich source of magnesium and they also contain Monounsaturated Fat. Almonds are also a source of fiber, protein and a number of micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin e, biotin, and folate. Almonds help to clear lack of these minerals which are removed from the body with sweating, almonds and other dry fruits also provide body acidic acid that prevents skin from getting dry.


Red onions which are the most commonly available variety of Onion in India. It contains a chemical component that counteracts with allergies. Eating onion daily in summer can prevent heat wave and the pain caused by biting insects.

Yogurtcurd for summer

Yogurt is a common diet, it is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Adding curd ( yogurt ) to your diet is an easy trick to keep cool during summers. Curd is great for digestion but does not eat too much in summer. Do not eat more food at a time, there is a heavy burden on the stomach due to which heat effects increase. More energy is required during summer days. Curd is a great source of energy.

Herbal Tea

Lemon grass tea is very beneficial in heat season. Herbs can cool our body in many ways. Herbs that are diaphoretics herbal tea is cooling and drying to the body, helping offset heat and humidity, and you will have a nice way to cool off in the hottest part of the day.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juice made without artificial flavor contain essential ingredients such as Antioxidants and Protein along with other minerals that found in juices are Carotene, Flavonoids that are useful for heat prevention.
The cooled water is the best beverage as compared to fruit juice and soft drinks as cooled water makes our body more quickly hydrous. During heat, summer physician recommends at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

Isotonic Drink

Supply of energy and immunity are very useful at the time when you exercise in an experts opinion isotonic drinks contains a balanced amount of sugar and salt. If you want to prepare an isotonic drink, add as much water to the juice of 500 mg fruits and then add salt a fifth of a teaspoon.

Things To Avoid During Summer Days

According to ancient science, one should avoid spices in the summer season which include red chili, black pepper, and clove. Instead of these in summer eat coriander, white cumin, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, etc. as these spices do not produce much heat in the body.

Do not increase the intake of salt during a hot day, however, if this quantity is increased on the medical advice then it is a different thing. In hot areas during the summer hard work can reduce the level of salt in the body. But remember excessive salt can be caused high blood pressure now look at which drinks are best for our thirst during severe heat and which is not appropriate.

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