How To Improve Memory?

How to Improve Memory

Good memory is a sign of fitness,but as the age increases man’s memory starts to affect, which really matters to the family and relatives, but it is not necessary that the lack of memory affect only the old age people. Even the children and youngster may suffer from from memory problem. There are many ways to enhance and improve memory.

Memory Enhancing Foods

There are many foods that are known to be useful in memory and brain enhancement. Usually these foods contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Glucose, Whole Grain, and Antioxidants, Consuming these foods 4 to 5 times a day keeps blood glucose levels under control, In fact brain gets its nutrients from glucose.

Keep Your Mind Busy

Involve your brain in activities that put pressure on brain or that uses more part of brain such as solving riddles and playing cross word puzzles.

Maintain Your Body

The best and easiest way to keep your body maintain is a walking in the morning or evening on daily basis. Streching is also a good option that keep your body fit and maintain.

Exercises help in elevating the secretion of a white substance of the brain and prohow to improve memory with foodsduces more neuron cells.

Keep Away From Stress

exercise also helps in reducing mental & physical stress. In fact due to this pressure the body produces a chemical substances that make brain shrinks the part of a brain that stores memory.

Check the Iron Level

Neurotransmitters in our brain are the responsible for keeping memory in a good condition & they keep themselves healthy because of iron, so do not let this main mineral deficiency in your body. The men and women who lacks this key nutrients in body becomes forgetful and absent minded.

Do One Work At A Time

Sometime many peoples are eating & hearing news on T.V. at the same time, in this case they do not remember the news that they heard & not read materials. It is not a healthy way of eating.

Keep Watch On Cholesterol

Cholesterol is not related to only heart disease, but also blockage in the blood carrying vessels of the brain. Because of this the brain does not get valuable nutrition & gradually loss it’s abilities.

Remember to Take Medicines In Proper Way

Many medicines has negative effects on human memory. Point to be noted is that older man body keep the remains of the medicine inside body for a long time as compared to the normal one. These medicine include but not limited Beta Blockers, Chemotherapy, Parkinson and Anti Depressing. Which usually affect the memory function.

Apple A Day

Apple contain the high amount of of Anti Oxidant that produces Acetylchline chemical substance, this neurotransmitters of the brain is very essential for excellent memory.

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