How To Control Anger

How To Control Anger

Anger is usually caused by the frustration of attempts to attain a goal or by hostile or disturbing activities such as insults, injuries or threats that do not come from a feared source. The sources of anger are different for people at different periods in their lives that means our favorite condition is very important and try to control our anger. Just imagine a life for a moment that is passing through our will, everything is happening to as per our wish, parents never scold you, homework is not too much, you gain good numbers and your friends never cheat you and help you at the time of your need. But sincerely think is there any living person who is living like this?

Our lives are also very low level as compared to our own standards. We all can give a reason to explain why our lives are not complete Also, we see a living life in our own eyes if we look at it inside many problems appears to be filled in.
From this point of view, we get a lesson that there is a no happy person who is not in trouble and mental stress. We all suffer from distress and feeling of depression and screaming on injustice and tension.
In 99 % of the circumstances you are right and completely grateful for your anger but some times your hearts want to shoot someone who is responsible for your problems but anger is not appropriate in any case. Rather than you should take some other way to deal with such situations and you should try to know how to effectively handle your anger and disappointment.

How to Control AngerLife should always be based on justice

We often grow up with the same imagination that life will be based on justice but it is only a concept. If we take look at ourselves we will immediately know that the concept is not established at all. Some people look like rich or some like poor, some poor children take birth in a poor family and they do not have food to eat, while some are born in a developed family they get the best education and their wishes are fulfilled. We see in our own family or friends circle that some are above us and some are below our level.

Now you have two alternatives

  • one is that you do not irritate and don’t waste your energy to find out what is going wrong
  • another better way is to recognize the fact that this is life and then try to correct the situation as soon as possible.

After accepting the fact that there is no justice in life forever. You get the chance to see yourself and learn something from those who are not so fortunate and who face unusual situations with great struggle and defeat them. By doing so winners emerge and with earning names and wealth too.

Control Up Coming Events

If you consider you will find yourself surrounded by many problems. Actually, we control our efforts, not the results. There are many elements that control the results of our efforts, but we do not control them. e.g. farmer planted the seeds in the fields and then the result is left on almighty. We should try our best to control elements and then leave the result to the almighty as he knows better.

Despite the effort, the results get worse?

Some times farmers plant the seeds in the fields and pray to Almighty even after doing so if the plants don’t grow well then the farmer becomes frustrated and disappointed. In fact, farmers should first consider the entire process of his work and try to find out where he has made a mistake, perhaps he did not properly prepare the land.

Change of context

It’s a common thing to get angry after failure, in such a situation you have to ignore these types of emotion for some time till it will automatically fall cold, according to Richard Carlsen he is a psychiatrist, he says that in case of bad condition do not analyze the situation, and just  think that your emotions and feelings are normal, and if you delay for a little time for these types of feelings it becomes normal, during this you should enjoy yourself. And when physical disorder maintained you can try to find out what kind of behavior should be better and then start struggling again.

A Scottish poet Andrew Barton said, I’m injured, I’ll be just like this for a few days and my blood will flow, and then I’ll stand and start struggling again”.

We should assure ourselves, no one’s life is perfect and the people we appreciated they are those people who control their anger. If we can not control events that cause our anger, so how will we control the emerging response due to these conditions.
Your circumstances and troubles can not be understood by other, therefore you have to get different solution of the conditions and faith on Almighty by doing so you have to be a physician of your soul to control your anger and disappointment.

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