How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast

There was a story in childhood that was a very rich fatty person who was fond of delicious foods. But he was unable to walk, to ride a horse and to exercise. With the passage of time he became so fat that it was difficult to walk for him and he was pain feeling pain in his legs and body. He was able to walk hardly with walker. He tried all the doctors and treatment but he can not recover health. One day he was brought to a physician and the physician placed a condition for treatment. Rich fat man and his whole family agreed for the physician condition.

The physician made a floor of iron checkpoint in a room with a furnace below floor when the room became hot. The patient brought to the room saying that your treatment room is ready, when the rich fatty man entered the room, the physician closed the door of the room. The fat patient kept changing the feet with the help of saddle or walker. Began to jump faster after a while as the room became hotter. His body was sweating very fast and he was screaming, after waiting for a while. Physician opened the door and rich man came out of the room after this hard struggle and exercise his body joints began to work and he was feeling lightened.From this we came to the point that exercise is very important for being healthy.

Problems associated with Obesity

Cardiac problems, high blood pressure, diabetes are some major diseases associated with obesity. Obesity also comes with lack of energy and physically difficult for walking and low immune power. physical flexibility and stamina are especially low, fat person are not able to take steps properly apart from this emotional problems come from them due to the feeling of their fatty body.

kim-kardashian weight lossHow To Know If You Are Over Weight?

The best way to examine obesity or weight gain is to know the percentage of fat in the total weight of the body, In the average men and women body there should be no more then 20 or 25 percent fat in the body, players and hard workers does not have more than 10 to 15 percent fat in the body.

Their was an easy to measure or estimate fat in our body is to take your waist in thumb and finger if the meat in the skin is more than 3 CM then you are more fatty.
The most common approach to measuring obesity is the body mass index. Which is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by his or her height in meters. Muscular or player person weight can be more due to the solid muscles but if body fat is less than 20 percent and its weight is due to its smooth muscles, it should not be called fatty.

A simple and easy principle is also to remember the weight of the time when you were perfectly fit and healthy,and to keep healthy and fit,try to bring your weight to the same level and try to keep it for a lifetime.

Most people fit exactly at the age of 20 and 30 years and some people fit perfectly at the age of 16 to 20 and they should take their weight at the same level and then keep it at the same throughout the lifetime.

A few things should be remember for good health and obesity

  • The correct and better rate of weight loss should be 250 kg to 500 kg per week, it is very embarrassing to know that the weight loss ads claims to reduce more weight in hours and this is done by passing extra urine, this process removes the water from the body but fat remains left in the body. Reducing water from the body is very dangerous for health.
  • Suitable diet means a diet 10 to 30 percent less of the daily diet but it is important to eat balanced diet  with a ratio of carbohydrate 65%, fat 20% and protein 15%.
  • Walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, football, volleyball, basketball and tennis are very effective and useful exercises also known as aerobic exercise for reducing weight and these exercise increase your physical energy, patience and fitness.
  • Be careful in illness. If you have an illness do not do hard exercises, when you are absolutely fine and healthy then restart your exercise program according to your energy and do not work hard with excessive enthusiasm and self confidence. It is very important to take care of our illness and disease and also necessary to consults with the physician and these are the right and safe way of health security.

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