Diarrhea Causes Symptoms Medicine And Treatment

What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is one of most common health complaints specially for the kids, our intestines work to separate the nutrients and chemicals from the eaten food, when there is any issue or intestine do not work properly diarrhea begins.The results of diarrhea is that our body releases more water and dehydration happens. Body releases mixers of needed minerals and salts from the body. Even low levels of dehydration can causes headaches, stomach pain, Lethargy and constipation. Diarrhea also called dysentery.

Causes Of Diarrhea

The cause of diarrhea may be allergic, mental stress, intestine infection, alcohol and grease in diet. It is necessary to avoid diarrhea that the principles of health should be taken carefully and bear safely with bees and germs. Also be sure that all foods you eat are thoroughly cooked and served steaming hot. It is also important the food is healthy and different types will be better.
Some people got caught diarrhea when they reach new places after traveling. Because their body take time to protect new germs and usually take three days to deal with them. In places where health arrangement are not good, usually diarrhea begins with germination of water. Always take care of water in a new place, be careful also about other drinking especially if they are snowy. If where the quality of diet is not suitable drink pure filtered mineral or packed water like bislery or even boiled water. It would be better to take vaccine prevention before going to new place. In case of diarrhea to avoid dehydration, drink more water and use coconut water.foods for Diarrhea

If adult people complaining diarrhea they should avoid solid food for at least 24 hours, In such cases they should also avoid dairy products, fruit juice, chocolate, coffee, fat diet, alcohol and soft drinks. Use more water and nutrients drinks to avoid dehydration. Drinking nutrients and honey mixed in excess water will be useful and also be better as compared to taking medicines.

When blood is seen in stool and diarrhea continue to persists for more than 4 to 5 days. Or there is no feeling of urine for at least 2 hour’s, stomach paining, diabetes or suffering from any other old disease. Consult your doctor if there is pregnancy with Diarrhea.

Sigh Of Dehydration

Delay of urine or having low volume of urine and more yellowish than normal. Rapid breathing, lack of energy, dizziness, increased thirst, dry mouth, headache, sunken eyes or fewer, these are some sign or dehydration.

Diarrhea In Children’s

If the your kid is having green stinking and watery stools, some time also includes blood. Diarrhea is usually caused by an infection in the intestines the germs that cause the infection are viruses and bacteria. Common causes of diarrhea in infant children are infection of intestine, flu, allergy and heavy uses of antibiotics drugs.

How To Avoid Diarrhea In Children’s

  • Before preparing their milk and diet mother should take care of bottle and pots from germs and follow the instruction as boiling the bottle and nipples.
  • Avoid items that contain more sugar.
  • After changing the children’s diapers and before giving it a food or milk wash your hands properly.
  • If the kids are healthy but suddenly they having watery diarrhea ( often blood and gleet does not include ) so it’s a reason that you may have changed the diet that they are not bearing or digesting properly.
  • Diarrhea can be treated by replacing the child’s new diet or by restarting the old diet.
  • All other milks apart from mother’s milks, fruit juice and solid diet should not be given to 12 to 24 hours and to prevent diarrhea.
  • In case of dehydration use liquid stuffs and mother should feed continue because mother’s milk is prevented from the child’s disease and helps to recover.
  • Use only boiled water for drinking.

Diarrhea is a very common problems in children’s and in diarrhea condition fluids and salts eliminate quickly in the body, and if the following symptoms found in children’s like loose watery stools, abdominal cramps, fever, sluggishness, blood in stool, bloating and nausea immediately consult the doctor. Children’s who are not on mother’s milk they may need a fluid supplement to recover the body ideal chemical composition.

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