Mosquito Diseases Problems And Treatment

Mosquito Diseases Problems And Treatment

From the first day of life on this earth human being suffers from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a group of about 3500 species of small insects that are a type of fly. Some time mosquito bites may be the transmission of serious diseases and viruses such as Malaria, Dengue, Zika and West Nile Virus. which can lead to disabling and potentially harmful effects.

malaria mosquito

More than three thousand types of mosquitoes are found throughout the world. They are often called one of the most dangerous insects on the planet. Mosquito bites humans to consume blood. Mosquito performs his work so skillfully and quietly that we came to know about the incident when they have been escaped as they have very active. Darkness has more chances of mosquito bites as compared to light, But sometimes they do over time in day light too 😛 Wet places and the open water is the best place for their fertility.

west nile virus

Today dengue’s has even scared people more than mosquitoes. There are various types of lotions available in the market that are commonly used for to keep mosquitoes away. It is important to read the ingredients as some may be hazardous for the skin and health.

Easy Ways To Avoid Mosquitoes

It is very simple to keep mosquito away to bite you. One should wear light colored loose clothes and keep ankle to wrist fully covered, There are few factors that attract more mosquito such as our body temperature, skin chemicals such as lactic acid or our sweat. After exercising or hard work, if our body swept away, then it should be understood that you are now an easy target of mosquitoes.zika virus

In rainy season avoid eating bananas too much as Dr. Giant Starry who belong to the USA says that after eating bananas our skin releases moisture which not only attract mosquitoes but also other insects. He has also suggested when there are more mosquitoes then a tablet of Vitamin A should be eaten daily. This will reduce the chances of mosquitoes coming closer to you. Some other research also says that mosquitoes can be kept away from the use of garlic in food.

The easiest way to keep our self safe from mosquitoes is not allowing them to grow and nourish.  For this take care of your homes and streets and do not let water be gathered. if you have a courtyard in your house, then you should definitely plant the marigold plant as the fragrance of marigold flower are very hazardous for mosquitoes and other insects bugs. They keep a safe distance from marigold. Mosquito will not enter the room when keeping the marigold flowers pot on the entry. Bores mint plant is also the best way to mess mosquitoes.

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