Peyronie’s Disease Treatment At Home

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment At Home. The disease is named after a French surgeon Francois de la Peyronie’s (1678 to 1747). It is hardening of the corpora cavernosa   of the penis. This condition which may be painful, causes distortion and curvature of Penis, exp. When erect. It is caused due to excessive accumulation of fibrous tissues (forming fibroid) on the penis generally at a particular spot. This accumulation, if not given proper care results in painful swelling (inflammation) which slowly result in horrible distortion (degeneration) of wealthy tissues. Further results in pitting on the affected area, hardens if and of gone violent causes and result in the penis curvature. Erectile dysfunction is eminent and penetration might become impossible. Fibroid should and must get dissolved earlier as it badly disturbs the blood flow into the rod. For a better sexual intercourse a regular and healthy blood flow is necessary to get the penis erected.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment At Home

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment At Home

The disease is self-limiting in many instances. Persistence and progression of the penile deformity requires therapy, but of the several medical, surgical and radio logical approaches none seen to be completely effective. There are device that will assist the individual with the disease in participating in sexual intercourse.

Penile Prosthesis

Device implanted in the penis that assists it to become erect. The device is used in patients with impotence due to such organic causes as trauma, post prostatectomy or diabetes. It is usually in the form of inflatable plastic cylinders implanted in each corpus cavernosum of the penis these cylinders are attached to a pump embedded in the scrotal pouch. A reservoir for the fluid used to fill the cylinders is implanted behind the rectus muscle. This system allows the cylinders to be filled when an erection is desired and the fluid to be drained back into the reservoir when the need for the erection is passed. In most patients, this device permits the attaining of nearly physiological erection.


Though the research is going on since years, yet the actual causes of peyronie’s Disease remains unknown flower continuous efforts towards finding the causes suggest that this painful conditions may arise after traumas to the penis (beading or biting ) which can cause bleeding and subsequent scar tissue build up.

Masturbation is a main cause of penile curvature it is solely an unnatural and harmful process. Natural and normal intercourse is a healthy work which gives pleasure out side effects. In masturbation, a male exacts more and more friction and pressure on the penis which is excessive than the actual and natural pressure exerted by the female vaginal walls (rings). To delay the ejaculation, plains finger exert much more pressure on penis to get more pleasure, more organs. Abnormal heat friction and pressure exacted by hand (or let it be any other mechanical device). Causes injury tran to the penis. The spot where the pressure is much applied to delay the seminal emission become thin and deformed. Regular pressure makes the hander to hander, then after years of this habit a clear deform by is notice, which result fibrosis and penis becomes cured through that spot. This loss is noticed during erection or penetration.  An unnatural process with the help of soap/oils/shampoo ext other solution can definitely reduce friction, but not the pressure and heat caused by other mechanical means.

Excessive masturbation a coleus erection, cause premature ejaculation, develops prostatorrhoea and triggers penis sensitiveness excessive sensitivity results in ejaculation without erection, premature ejaculation (manier  firms, before ejaculation).even in worst cases frolicking a woman, sexual flowing freely (even ejaculation with full orgasm). Males loose sexual passion and no enjoyment during ejaculation. Excessive washing of genitals with cold water disturbs blood flow in the penis, here should be awaited. Homosexual habits poison for male penis. Rectal gases and stools are very offensive, and harmful to penis. Excessive tightness of arms may be a pleasures or joyful thing, but its excessive narrowness (as compared to female vagina) is must more than the natural bearing capacity of male penis. A healthy penis loaded badly with and effective gases diseased early and quickly.  

All other mean which are unnatural and abnormal must be avoided with due care avoid health loss. A term medically used auto trauma is the term which signifies clearly that injury are unavoidable by unnatural means worrying about a natural of the penis can cause stress anxiety and depression which return erectile dysfunction curvature of penis also result in reduce penis length.

Contribution of Allopathic drugs and devices in hundred of diseases are of no question. This is a blessing for sure yet the diseases which are incurable difficult or treatable through allopathic system of medicine, be given a chance to herbal Unani other alternative therapies. These types of treatment are natural and safe rout any subsequent reactions or side effects.

A curved penis is always not a problem many many males have curved penis yet they don’t suffer with other sexual problems. Problems start when the curved penis causes sexual disturbances.

Types of curved penis

  1. Genetic

It is call by the mismatch of genes combining it is most common. Pathology is generally wild or undisturbed. The curve In the penis is usually far insignificant to cause any problem with intercourse. Can be treated and curve easily by some simple means.

  1. The stretched penis.

Tight clothes way of masturbation pulling and erection to one side over and over again on abdomen with an erect penis which exceed continued body pressure on penis and in adult long load painful erection fall under this category. Generally this type of abnormality is found without any significant Physical evidence (scars plaque or fibrosis) be treated with simple means.

  1. The Peyronie’s Disease

As discuss about this condition is mainly developed due to injury trauma or impact to the penis. This condition may develop because of lack of cestain nutrition that necessary for normal healing primary Omega 3 fats proteins and Vitamin B.

  1. Fractured penis

Fracture on the penis occurs when an erect penis is bend for ably. It happened suddenly like a broken bone penis is bent too far beyond its natural capacity tunics albuginea is broken inside the penis. This sudden band can also break corpus covernosum or urethra surgery repairs quickly search fracture or fraction will do the same.


As we know Peyronie’s disease is a connective tissue disorder which involves the growth of fibrous plaques is the soft tissue of penis. This condition causes penis, burning abnormal curvature erectile dysfunction indentation laws of girth and shortening.


From surgery and fraction combination of Vitamin E and colchicines has shown some promises in delaying progression of the condition. If in a given disease when even modern and advanced theory can’t bring the desired results. Natural herbal and alternative therapies must be given a chance. It is true also because these means and method of treatment are safer and convenient.

  1. Sources of Vitamin E

Sunflower seeds (dry and roasted) almonds

Spinach cooked

Sunflower oil

Beet green cooked

Pumpkin canned

Red peppers raw

Asparagus cooked

Collard Greens cooked

Swordfish cooked

Mango, raw

Peanut butter

Above are the food sources loaded with Vitamin E that help in claiming plaques from the body and dissolve the and unhealthy fibrous plaques accumulation.

  1. Colchicines

Colchicine is an oral anti inflammatory medicine derived mainly from plant colchicum autumnal (which is strong spacey colchicum family) inhibits collagen secretion. It decrease collagen production by increasing the activity of collagen a naturally occurring enzymes that breaks down collagen.

Peyronie’s disease is a normal healing disorder, example. The healing process over comp compensates causing too much collagen to built and form Fibrous and plaque (hard lump) in the penis colochine may work on Peyronie’s disease as it decrease collagen production. Overdosing and long-term use should be avoided as it may cause Side Effects mainly diarrhea, gastrointestinal disturbances.

Too many species of this family are Colchicum autumnal bitter which is the highly poisonous. and 2. Colchicum leuterm ( sweet autumnal is used widely and is safer than first. Dried powder fruit is used orally Capp. 1 gm) is used for in 24 hours bedtime. Application of dry root powder in warm water on penis is said to be very effective to dissolve plaque on the rod.

     3. Turmeric

Gently massage of tepid turmeric oil or paste on the penis causes excessive blood flow on the penis which benefits in bringing erection and dissolving accumulation of fibrous tissue. it comfort pain and burning in penis and eliminates handles in the way of blood circulation.

     4. Cinnamon

Pouring of lukewarm cinnamon water(10gm cinnamon powder + 1 lit. water) on the penis is very useful in dissolving plaque inside the penis. In excessive blood flow and triggers erection.

     5. Wax

Coating the penis with lukewarm wax and wrapping it with soft cotton at night during sleep is very helpful in strengthening the curved penis gradually and naturally.

      6. Tablet salt

Steady slow and gentle pouring of lukewarm salted water on the penis helps in reducing the swelling of the curved penis soften hardening due to plaque eases pain and causes more blood flow in the penis.

      7. Neem – Azadirechta Indica

Gentle massage of neem oil tepid decortion of neem leaves apply on the bent or curved penis bring wonderful result. Filter the plaque disinfects penis and soften the harder spots.

      8. Pumpkin

Regular eating of Pumpkin seeds and applying Pumpkin seeds oil better lukewarm. Help in feeding the penis like Viagra. Erection and ejaculation time increase in a short. In feeling the pitting.

      9. Heat

Sitting near fire electric heater hot air blower and using vibrators on pelvic region help to exit blood circulation towards penis. Vibrators bring quick erections ( very often in few minute) and that is because of excessive blood flow in the penis. Vibrators are most effective in dissolving plaques quickly without side effects.

       10. Water

Slow and gentle application of tepid water on the penis triggers circulation of blood which helps in eliminating harder Sport on the penis reward due to Fibrous accumulation. Regular application of cold water on the penis of the Peyronie’s disease reduces blood circulation and hardness the diseased spot hence to be avoided.

Lastly a still silent and un moving resting and luxurious body is prone to a serious of diseases. Movement is a clear sign of life running cycling walking exerting, for work regular physical exercises and avoiding luxury are helpful for fitness ( mental and physical) foods loaded with excessive fats and sugars are harmful for healthy person. Body toxin are eliminated with proper diet and healthy blood circulation. Physical exertion and hardworking assist in maintaining Desire blood circulation, plaques and infiltrated fibrous accumulation is naturally removed addiction like tobacco chewing smoking liquid narcotics and harmful drugs bring some slow and dangerous outcome in deeper plans. Birds with drown wings are hunted easily, hence help on moving.

Excessive use of salad and controlled use of lemon water vinegar curd green and leafy vegetable seasonal fruit assist in maintaining natural health.

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